Michelle's Story

Michelle And Licorice

Hi my name is Michelle and I have been a client of Neuro connection for the past 8 years. After getting the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis when I was 39 I was reduced to crutches, by 42 I had a serious stroke, I am now confined to a wheelchair full time with right sided weakness.

I have had many different types of treatment over this time to no avail. It is Neuro connection which has been the most helpful, I joined a stroke class so by being able to attend once a week I get so much out of the class. Not only do I get my muscles stretched and strengthen and doing things over and over again my memory has improved greatly, my cognitive ability is tested with the morning introduction and following instructions through the class.

By going to Neuro connection I have found this to be the best all round kind of rehab for me and with the expertise of the conductors who put the same effort in as the first day I started I am truly grateful.