Lance's Story

Lance Lee

Ahakoa he iti he pounamu

Kia Ora, Ni hao ma, Greetings. My name is Lance Lee, I am of Maori, Cantonese Chinese and Scottish Rose Clan heritage. In terms of my Maori heritage, I am of Tainui, Ngapuhi descent.

On November 17th 2003 I was ripped from my reality and thrown into an unknown world. I became paralysed down my left side due to a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) or stroke. The initial effects left me unable to stand, let alone walk, and with no movement in my left arm. I had slurred and mumbled speech, memory loss, low concentration levels, depression and fatigue.

Eighteen months later I began attending classes at Neuro Connection. The positive and empowering team of dedicated people have not only given me back the ability of physical movement, but have helped me with depression, confidence and pride in my self-determination. My destiny now follows an alternative pathway, one which motivates and excites me.

The inspiring team and clients at the Neuro Connection Foundation give me hope, love and laughter - all of which are inherently necessary for any human being. I hold onto a Maori proverb “Ahakoa he iti he pounamu – However small it’s precious”, because, although climbing ‘my Mt Everest’ has not been easy, it is my journey that has made me more patient, tolerant, non-judgemental and a less materialistic and more spiritual human being.

I thank the team and clients of the Neuro Connection Foundation for embracing my uniqueness. A simple thank you seems insufficient, but for now that’s all I have, so “Thank you” and “Kia Ora.”

Because of the Neuro Connection Foundation I am once again an independent young man who drives himself wherever he wants, so I salute you! Kia Ora - Lance Lee