Eddie's Story

Eddie L 2

At the request of one of my Doctors my brother and I checked out a place called Integrated Neurological Rehabilitation Foundation, now called Neuro Connection, about Conductive Education, a neurology outfit to help me with rehabilitation after a bad accident. Being an epileptic, I had a bad seizure and ended up breaking my neck. I was diagnosed with proximal C2 AIS D secondary to traumatic spinal cord injury with posterior instrumental fusion between C4 and C5.

I began the program once a week for two hours doing exercise with struggle. I decided this is not for me, I felt like a needed a different kind of help, you know, like massage. I came thinking I was going to get fixed. However, after returning a few more times, improvements is up and down but I am able to meet an awesome group of people, staff and clients alike, with great positive support for one another, quite humorous at times. But we are all here to improve, learning something new towards independence.

An incomplete tetraplegic, Neuro Connection has taught me many exercises, stretches to relax the body, weights for strength, and a standing program for better balance and posture when walking. I've been coming to classes now 6 years.

My goal is to run alongside or past Usain Bolt, not in my wheelchair, I’m not allowed to go that fast, 100 metres in 9.86 seconds. But who knows?

Thank you to Neuro Connection for the support.