Conductive Education

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Why Conductive Education? (CE)
After the experience of a stroke or the diagnosis of neurological disorder, a person’s life, along with that of their families, can be changed in an instant. Here at the Neuro Connection Foundation, we provide the unique and holistic therapy of Conductive Education, which is based on the theory of neuroplasticity - rewiring the brain. At NCF we help build empowerment and independence in the individual lives of those in our community. We are fundamentally unique and focus on long-term, community-based rehabilitation. We can provide you with ongoing care, long after your traditional methods have ceased.

What is Conductive Education?
Conductive Education is a holistic and integrated pedagogical/educational system which enables people with damage to the central nervous system to learn to overcome the challenges they face.

CE is a process of experiences and task series. It positively leads the person to work with their motor disabilities to move towards increased independence. It is a system primarily suited for people with neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, post-stroke and acquired brain injury.

Founded by a Hungarian Doctor named Andras Pető in the 1940s , he viewed people with neurological conditions as a whole, focussing not only on the body, but also the personality. CE perceives people with neurological conditions as facing a challenge of learning, rather than needing treatment for a medical condition. In this way, CE presents a positive path to rehabilitation in focusing on your ability and not your disability. It truly provides a positive philosophy which reframes traditional views of rehabilitative care for people with neurological conditions. It is that very philosophy that inspires our clients with extraordinary self-belief!