Natalie's Story

Natalie Pati

Natalie is a mother of three who needed all the courage she had not once but twice after having two strokes in the space of nine years.

She was 31 years old and there were no warning signs. She was playing indoor netball and had a mini stroke.

Thinking she’d pinched a nerve that had affected her left side she did play on. After the game everything came right, and Natalie went to bed that night thinking nothing was wrong.

During the night Natalie had suffered a full stroke and was left with severe physical disabilities. After having gone through what would have defeated most people Natalie was determined not to let her stroke beat her. It took her about a year to walk properly but she knew that she had to be there for her children.

Natalie has made a good recovery after her first stroke and her life was in a wonderful place again. But just like that in 2017 her second stroke hit.

She was at home having a coffee when suddenly became unwell, passed out and woke up in hospital a week and a half later. Natalie has lost the use of her right side was deaf in one ear and lost her peripheral vision on the left side.

Natalie didn’t know how she was going to cope but she has received great help at Rehab Plus and the Stroke Foundation. Community Stroke adviser Paula Mitchell from the Stroke Foundation has referred her to our services. Natalie has been attending our services since the beginning of the year and she is very grateful that she has found NC. She does find the programme very helpful and it benefits her greatly with her ongoing physical and emotional recovery. We can proudly say that Natalie is making great progress.

But Natalie’s story doesn’t end there. She has created a coffee group for young stroke survivors held at Neuro Connection fortnightly where everyone can meet face to face, encourage each other, share their issues and create new friendships.

Netball is still her passion and Natalie just secured a job as a netball coach twice a week at a local college.

It is a real testament to Natalie’s courage that she has come so far once again. She is an inspiration to all stroke survivors!