Parkinson's Disease

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Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological movement disorder caused by changes to the brain which results in a loss of dopamine. Dopamine enables quick, well coordinated movement and once these levels fall, movements become slow and awkward. PD can affect all aspects of daily activity, speech, writing and movement. For some, it may also have an impact on thinking and memory.

Our Parkinson’s program is fast paced and dynamic. It helps people with Parkinson's develop skills and strategies to maximise available movement and to overcome difficulties of posture, gait and movement control.

Everyone will benefit and learn differently. For some, it may be learning how to fix a tremor, while for others it may mean learning how to walk or talk more fluently. Although PD cannot be cured, treatment can offer hope for a better life and significantly reduce the slope in ability.

Areas covered in the PD program, include:

  • Improved psychological effects from a positive, social and highly supportive group program
  • Learning to initiate movement / manage ‘freezing’ and ‘off’ periods
  • Improving rhythm and tempo of movements
  • Improving bodily awareness of voluntary and involuntary movements
  • Techniques for managing tremor and dyskinesia
  • Improved overall gait and walking
  • Improved flexibility and range of motion – better mobility
  • Improved posture and body symmetry
  • Improved balance - fall prevention
  • Improved ability to start, stop and change direction or to move in small spaces
  • Improved fine manipulation and handwriting
  • Improved facial expression
  • Improved articulation and speech volume
  • Improved confidence and self esteem; improved motivation
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