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A stroke is an attack in the brain as a result of poor blood flow. This diminished blood flow presents itself in two types of stroke - ischemic (due to lack of blood flow by way of a blood clot) and hemorrhagic (by way of a burst blood vessel causing bleeding). In both cases, cells in the brain start to die, causing those parts of the brain that control movement, vision, memory, understanding and thinking to be impaired. Depending on which side the stroke occurs, either the left or right side of the body is affected.

While many people experience significant disability after a stroke, many recover through regular rehabilitation and go on to lead successful and happy lives.

Our stroke programme is based on the strengthening and re-learning of skills on the affected side. We focus on re-developing your body awareness and balance, while customising each program to help you recover as much movement as possible on your affected side.

We focus on:

  • body symmetry, independence and confidence
  • maintaining and improving your functional mobility and flexibility (to open up new pathways)
  • actively involving the affected side and applying repetitive, assimilated movement to everyday activities to ensure the right movement patterns are re-learnt

Whether at the start or at the end of your stroke rehabilitation journey, our Conductive Education programme can maintain and improve your functional mobility. Despite many years post-stroke or after short-term traditional methods of care have ceased, we will aim to recover as much of your movement again as we can.

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