Clive's Story

Clive On Bike 1

In case you haven’t seen him zooming around the streets of West Auckland, let us introduce you to Clive.

Having suffered a stroke in December 2010 at the age of 56, leaving him with his right side partially paralysed, we are so pleased to have had Clive regularly attending our classes since May 2011 – to save you the math, that’s 11 years with us!

Clive recalls the encouragement he received from our team to stop his reliance on his walking stick when he first started attending classes and was empowered to get rid of it when he was taught alternate balance skills instead.

As well as giving up his walking stick, Clive has worked hard gaining strength in his right arm and shoulder, even working with 0.5 kg weights.

He has gained more control in his right hand and is able to use it in his everyday life for tasks such as vacuuming, cleaning, housework, mowing the lawn and hanging out the washing.

Mastering these daily skills was so important to him as he lives on his own and wants to remain as independent as possible.

Not being able to drive after his stroke, Clive was determined to get to places such as shops and cafes, so he tackled bike riding!

He never stopped to think that his balance or partial paralysis post-stroke would be a barrier, and said he just decided to “get on with it”.

He was happily getting from A to B on a pedal bike, and persevered with this for eight years, but started to find it more tiring and didn’t feel that his legs had enough power for hills, so he purchased his first E-Bike in 2018 and it was a game changer!

He couldn’t get over his new-found sense of freedom.

His strong mindset and motivation to remain self sufficient pushes him to keep attending classes and he insists that he keeps coming, not just for the exercise program, but to connect with others.

We absolutely love seeing Clive burning down the driveway and all around the streets of Henderson on his E-bike.

Not that he believes it, but he is a true inspiration to everyone at the centre, not just with his determination, but also his positive attitude and friendly nature.