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What is a Conductor?
A conductor is a rehabilitation specialist who has undergone the professional training to learn and deliver the required skills, to rehabilitate people with neurological conditions using the Conductive Education approach.

What is the program structure?
The program structure at NCF is first determined through an initial assessment of your individual needs. The programme format at NCF, offers six different classes per week catering to stroke, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, and one Mixed Class (MS and spinal cord injury).

How can I be referred to your programme?
Referral to our programme is easy! It can be done by way of a self-referral or a medically approved referral from your GP, physio or medical specialist. See also our Referral page

Is there a fee for class observation and assessment?
No, we welcome you visiting the centre to discover what we offer, how we can help you and why you’ll want to join us!

How much does is cost to participate in the class?
The rehabilitation services we offer at NCF is of great value for money compared with others. Programme prices vary from $15.00 and will be dependent on your needs and the type of class you join. NCF offers both a traditional group setting or one-on-one, if your needs are greater.

How often would I need to attend class?
Attendance is based on your needs determined at your individual assessment. Further to that, we would recommend at least 2-3 times per week for you to gain the most benefit from your rehabilitation programme.

How does it differ from other rehabilitation services?
NCF is the only CE provider for adults in the Auckland Region. We differ because of our unique philosophy of focusing on both the mind, body and personality, when managing your condition. We also provide rehabilitation in a group class environment, ensuring you build positive and encouraging connections with other clients, who understand your challenges.

What does the 1-2.5 hour session involve?
Every class will differ in someway. However, most classes follow: a daily catch up around the room from each client, followed by a lying down program, then a sitting down program, finishing with a standing program. Each program incorporates the task series movements necessary to develop a needed daily function.

Can I bring my family support to my first class?
Absolutely yes. We understand that visiting anywhere for the first time can be overwhelming. We encourage you to bring along a family member who can also understand the programme as well as what they can do to support you, in your rehabilitation journey.

Do you offer private home services?
Not at the present time.

Is there a tea/coffee break between those hours?
Yes! We understand that many of our clients need regular breaks from the physical demands of the exercises. Part way through the class, between programs, we offer a five minute break for people to grab a quick bite to eat or drink. It is these breaks, in fact, that allow an opportunity for our clients to connect, engage and share their day-to-day challenges. They offer the social support necessary for our clients to flourish.

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