Chris C's Story

Chris Copeland 2

Hi, My name is Chris Copeland, currently 74 years old. Born and bred In Auckland. I grew up in Mt Eden, and I’ve been a Westie since 2006.

In 2007 I had two strokes. When I woke up I was admitted to Waitakere hospital. While in hospital I was visited by a Ilona Mauhoaney. She represented the Stroke Foundation. We were talking and she said that she had a lot of experience with individuals with stroke and one thing that worked was conductive education. So she recommended that I come visit Neuro Connection.

Initially I the right side of my body was badly affected. So far neuro connection has offered me a lot of help. I can now do all sorts of things with the right side of my body, including mobility in my arm and leg.

I have been with Neuro connection since 2008 and this year marks 14 years with them.

I come to Neuro Connection because ongoing rehabilitation allows for a continuation of improvement. Improvement never stops.