New Technology Project

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New Technology Project

The lockdown has taught us that we need to stay connected to our wonderful clients and we can continue providing valuable services remotely to help even more people in need even if we aren't able to do so in person at our centre.

We developed some engaging online classes allowing clients to continue with some safe and supervised exercises in the comfort of their own homes whilst continuing the important socialization element of our program. This was a hit, and has shown us that we're able to offer these online classes to others who may be struggling with distance, transportation or its time for a technology upgrade.

Omicron is preventing us from certain 'in person' fundraising initiatives at present, such as our planned Monster Garage Sale due to limits to social gatherings, so we we are needing to think outside of the box.

Keep your eye out for online sales coming soon, and if you can help us in any way, big or small for our 'New Technology Project' we would be so grateful.

Donations can be made in person, or online via internet banking.

You can donate directly to us, leaving 'Donation and Your Name' as a reference. Our bank details are as follows:

Neuro Connection Foundation - 01 1825 0007244 01

ANZ, Private Bag 92210, Victoria St West, Auckland 1142

Charity Commission Number: CC10037

All contributions are tax deductible. Please email if a receipt is required.

Help us spread the word amongst your contacts that we are a worthy non profit with a goal in mind. We look forward to reaching and helping more people with neurological conditions to lead more independent lives.

Don't hesitate to contact Colleen at if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support!

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