Maureen's Story

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Maureen was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 25 years ago in 1993. At the time of diagnosis, she was extremely busy running a pharmacy, over working and being a mother to 4 teenagers. She has always been interested in getting to the bottom of the auto immune disease.

Maureen is always driven to educate herself and keeps up to date with new research into MS, what causes it and what can eventually treat it. When she was originally diagnosed 26 years ago there were no medications. The industry has come a long way, but the journey has been frustrating and has far to go yet.

After looking for somewhere to exercise, Maureen found Neuro Connection through Erin comes to our classes and who recommended us. Maureen has been coming to us since 2014 now and stayed fit and healthy. She is intelligent and driven and has found balance in her treatment journey. She maintains a great diet and exercise regime and is currently in the process of completing a detox along with coming to one on one sessions with our Conductor Nora here at Neuro Connection.

If Maureen “could live next door and come every morning to Neuro Connection” she would. Right now, she will continue her detox and come to see Nora here at Neuro Connection to minimize deterioration.

“Neuro Connection has been excellent, and more people should use it” – Maureen Wood

Thank you for sharing your story with us Maureen.