Chris's Story

Chris Harvey 2

My partner and I purchased a holiday home in Maunganui for our retirement. That’s where I suffered my stroke.

About 8 months prior to having the stroke I experienced fuzziness with my sight. I thought nothing of it, thinking it would pass.

In 2010 the holiday house needed painting. Since the scaffolding had been erected, I took the opportunity to install some copper lighting. The job took me all day.

That evening we walked down to the fish and chip shop for dinner and finished off with a coffee at the Waterfront Café before retiring for the evening.

I awakened next morning in need of an early morning cuppa. I raced downstairs to put on the jug and returned to get changed.

As I sat on the bed I started shaking. Adrienne my partner recognised the symptoms. She alerted the neighbours and an ambulance was despatched. They took me to the Kaitaia airport and an hour later I’d arrived at Whangarei Hospital.

We were living in Titirangi at the time so 3 or 4 days later they transferred me back to Waitakere Hospital where I stayed until a bed was available at Rehab Plus in Pt Chevalier.

My left side was affected by stroke. I couldn’t stand. I had to learn to walk again.

Over this period personal targets were set and achieved. After 3 months I was able to walk from the Rehab Plus entry to our car with the aid of a stick and was discharged.

When I returned home the progress continued.

I can thank Neuro Connection for a huge part of my rehabilitation. They’re a life-saver.

We now live in Stonefields so it’s a weekly adventure catching the train to/from Henderson via the CBD. There’s also significant walking distances between both destinations.

You can’t imagine what it’s like to have a stroke without living the experience.

“Neuro Connection have helped with my independence. My skills now extend to cooking! It helps a lot.”